About me

Hi, I'm Karen

I work with all sort of food businesses from Food Producers,  Speciality food brands, Farm shops, Restaurants and Chefs. Anyone who appreciates the importance of good photography in this oversaturated world where competition is intense and in order to stand out your images need to be powerful.


I work from my studio in Shropshire where I photograph and style the food myself. and also often find recipes and  cook food to go with food products to create natural looking images.  Being a country girl I am drawn to an earthy rustic style, bordering on the painterly but I would love to talk about the vision for your brand so we can create images that fit with it.  I live with my family and an assortment of dogs, sheep and hens on a farm in Shropshire. My very practical husband has converted an old barn into an office and studio where I do 90% of my work. I'm particularly keen on working with anyone involved with whole foods, natural ingredients. I am keen to promote home cooking and have an aversion to highly processed foods

History and Education

I have been working as a Photographer for 20 years, following a BA in photography which I finished in 1998. Initially I was based in London and focused on travel & reportage. I spent a lot of time in South America and worked for Christian Aid on projects out in Africa as well as being involved in a long term project with the Photographers' Gallery photographing in London schools. I fell into food when I met my husband who ran one of the first online Supermarkets back in the 90's. He persuaded me to help with the photography and then proceeded to drag me back to Shropshire in 2006 where we have been ever since. I'm a self taught cook who loves to continually find new ingredients and new things to cook. I prefer nothing more than sitting around a table sharing good food and wine.