Most of the images on this website were taken in my studio at home in Shropshire where I photograph products for food businesses. have spent most of my career as a Photographer resisting specialising and have turned my lens to everything from travel and documentary photography to weddings, portraits to many many hundreds of pairs of shoes and many other subjects along the way. I've loved the challenge of new and varied work. Food has also played a large part for the last 15 years or so but recently I have changed my focus and now most of my work is photographed at home.


I work from my studio in Shropshire where I photograph and style the food myself.  I work for Specialty Food Companies, food Producers, Restaurants and Farm Shops and anyone wanting their products photographed in a lifestyle setting, but one that is naturalistic, often rustic, countryish and sometimes painterly. Rather than working with brands in their style I want to find brands that want to work with me because of my style.  I live with my family and an assortment of dogs, sheep, hens and pigs on a farm in Shropshire. My very practical husband has converted an old barn into an office and studio where I do 90% of my work.

History and Education

I have been working as a Photographer for 20 years, following a BA in photography which I finished in 1998. Initially I was based in London and focused on travel & reportage. I spent a lot of time in South America and worked for Christian Aid on projects out in Africa as well as being involved in a long term project with the Photographers' Gallery photographing in London schools. I fell into food when I met my husband who ran a food company and persuaded me to help with the photography.

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