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Marmalade, marmite or mustalade?

the Seville season is just about ending so hopefully everybody has jars full of rich marmalade stocking their pantries. (Oh how I'd love a pantry!). The only marmalade consumer in our household is Mr HB who eats it pretty much every day of the year.

This February we found a clever way of taking the chore out of marmalade making, as it does require quite a lot of chopping, pith pulling, seed extraction as well as hours of boiling, heating jars, label writing etc. This year we invited some friends to participate and the whole process was far speedier and much more enjoyable. We listened to Marmalade on the Radio to amuse ourselves.

The other great excitement was to experiment with making mustalade. This was invented with said friends in the Summer when Mr HB accidentally ended up with mustard and marmalade on a pancake (don't ask!) He concluded it was rather tasty and so we all ate it, agreed it was rather interesting, and ate it for the remainder of the holiday wondering whether it would taste as good back home when the holiday was over. We have brought drink and food from exotic climes in the past that disappointingly do not pass muster in an English climate...

So it was time to experiment, during our marmalade making session mustard was added, jars of differing strengths were created. Mr HB concluded that it was a great success, but he is always positive about everything. I find it just sets the sinuses tingling, which isn't a bad thing but then I'm not the marmalade eater so perhaps not a fair judge. Personally I'm a marmite girl, which I know people have strong feelings about. Another family tradition of ours is marmite under scrambled egg, or any egg for that matter. I really recommend you try it, I also suggest you try marmalade with mustard just to see, on a pancake with a slice of bacon ideally...Enjoy!

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